About Tatjana Raum

I was born in Nürnberg and raised in the beautiful state of Bavaria in southern Germany surrounded by nature, mountains and many pets. After my school years in a Rudolf Steiner School, I was trained in photo development and design. In my early twenties, I travelled for two years in Greece, Israel and Sinai. There I studied people with my camera. After that I started a trading company which included regular travels through Europe, Nepal and Thailand. Being creative played an important role in my life. I had great artist teachers, including Aldona Sassek and Bärbel Dieckmann. Today, I work as a sculptor using various materials such as clay, polymer clay, plaster, cement, airdrying clay and wood. My artwork is bought by customers around the globe. My husband and I live in Kolbermoor and the greek island of Skiathos. For further informations, see my etsypage: chopoli.etsy.com or contact me under: tatjanaraum@yahoo.com

Tatjana Raum